Will New Zealand be the first developed country to evolve a steady-state economy?

Absolutely great article about the possibilities for New Zealand.


As long as we can get the New Zealand politicians to read and understand these concepts.

Calling for Transition Towns Interested peoples

Hi People on the Transition towns Kapiti Mailing list.

I am sending out a call for anyone who would be interested in getting together to support and further Transitions Towns here on the Kapiti Coast.

Andrew here, many of you may know me as the presenter who introduced to you any number of documentaries or […]

TTK Community Food forest Steering Meeting 28th June 2009

Present Sharon Dan Andrew RK Sam Richard Willie Anna Andrew Hall Cree Jim

Apologies Pam

1. Possible visits to local property and forests.

Re: David Scott & QE Park designated a couple of people go and see

There are no real examples for us to see, only partial and related results. Bena to investigate and […]

TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes 14th June 2009

Present Richard Anna Andrew Sharon Sam Bena Dan Willie Pam Isabel

Leadership fine with rotating organisation. Andrew to be key point of contact for the moment.

Other Stuff of interest David scott’s invitation to go to native forest tour passed over and carried to next meeting. Meeting in regards to Lindale (Andrew and Willie attended) […]

Community Food Forest – First meeting 7th June 2pm Paraparaumu Community hall.

Roll over Community Gardens – Here comes TTK Community Food Forest


After an inspiring night watching the very entertaining and informative Geoff Lawton’s Establishing a Food Forest Documentary and a enthusiastic discussion afterwards, Andrew come up with a fantastic idea, instead […]

On Radio NZ – The Sunday Group: Transition Towns Taking Root

RadioNZ’s Sunday Morning interview re: Transition Towns. (Audio below): http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/sunday/20090607 – has: “10:06 The Sunday Group: Transition Towns Taking Root

Transition Towns are spreading around New Zealand as communities face the prospect of dwindling oil reserves, an unstable climate and unpredictable food production. These are communities that are rolling up their sleeves and taking practical […]

Transition Towns New Zealand

The TT NZ site has been updated. If you’re not part of Transition Towns Kapiti check out http://www.transitiontowns.org.nz/. If you are check it out anyway.

Also, as part of the promotion of the new Australasian edition of The Transition Handbook Gabrielle Young, Rob Hopkins and James Samuel will be on Chris Laidlaws morning show this […]

Episode of Powerdown from Ireland.



The Transition Documentary Trailer

TT Kapiti Transitioning Manual

We’re looking at our manual that was put together last year and resurrecting it so we can sell/give it away. If you want to have a look and add suggestions even put in bits for the missing parts, you are most welcome.

A Manual for Transitioning Kapiti

Support your local council by saying no to a Supercity.

From the perspective of Peak Oil and Climate Change this sort of thing is a disastrous step backwards. Building resilience means supporting your local initiatives, getting involved with your local council, being part of a relocalisation of community. This could happen to Wellington Region and that includes Kapiti.


Transition Towns in the NY Times

An amazing article has just been published in the New York Times, looking at Transition Towns. It has an example of an Alaskan town, with a wide-ranging population moving towards transitioning. It takes a good look at community-building and concludes beautifully:

“For a wide range of not-always-consistent reasons, people in Sandpoint decided that Transition could […]

Why we forgot how to grow food

As a food shortage looms, people are digging for Britain — and their dinner table. John-Paul Flintoff gets back to our roots

Not long before Christmas, a man walked into the care home next door to his house and asked the manager if it would be possible for a group of neighbours to grow food […]

What is Transition Towns?

by Andrew Rundle-Keswick April 2009 at KCDC Sustainable Home and Garden show

Andrew Rundle-Keswick talks on “What is Transition Towns?”; Some History of TT in New Zealand and discussion of problems facing the world and and urging for action.

Part 1

Part 2

The Powerpoint Presentation to download. http://ttk.org.nz/files/What_is_TTK.ppt


Another great site from www.webpagebuilder.co.nz