A farewell to arms

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Read Guy McPherson Latest article A farewell to arms We had Guy McPherson in Petone on 6th July this year.

How To Boil a Frog

Check out this great new comic documentary

New Doco Fall & Winter

I have pledged my support of this great upcoming new Documentary, have a look and consider pledging. I recommend the extended trailer. Short Trailer Pledging site

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TTK will be screening “The Age of Stupid” on Tue the 17th November 2009

The Age of Stupid is the new four-year epic from McLibel director Franny Armstrong. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

The Age of Stupid Global Premiere […]

Why we forgot how to grow food

As a food shortage looms, people are digging for Britain — and their dinner table. John-Paul Flintoff gets back to our roots

Not long before Christmas, a man walked into the care home next door to his house and asked the manager if it would be possible for a group of neighbours to grow food […]

Financial Times April 1st 2020 edition.

Writing articles from the future in an attempt to get people to see beyond the next few years.


Shocked! How the oil crisis has hit the world

By Andy McSmith, Jerome Taylor and Nigel Morris Saturday, 31 May 2008 British pensioners who cannot afford to heat their homes. European hauliers and fishermen whose livelihoods are under threat. Palestinians forced to fill up their cars with olive oil. Americans asked to go down to a four-day week.

All around the world, in a […]

Countdown to power crisis

Countdown to power crisis By JAMES WEIR – The Dominion Post | Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hydro-power lakes are at their worst levels since the 1992 electricity crisis and consumers could be three weeks away from being asked to cut back use if there is no rain, or sooner if a big station fails…

http://www.stuff.co.nz/4561228a13.html […]

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