Will New Zealand be the first developed country to evolve a steady-state economy?

Absolutely great article about the possibilities for New Zealand.


As long as we can get the New Zealand politicians to read and understand these concepts.

How To Boil a Frog

Check out this great new comic documentary

New Doco Fall & Winter

I have pledged my support of this great upcoming new Documentary, have a look and consider pledging. I recommend the extended trailer. Short Trailer Pledging site

Extended trailer

TTK at the Sustainable Home and Garden Show

We were at the Kapiti Sustainable Home and Garden show over a somewhat wet weekend (25th & 26th March). Despite the weather, we had a fairly good turnout. We spent our weekend talking to lots of really interesting people about transitioning their homes and community, as well as helping to re-build our local community.


An Invitation the KAPITI FOOD FOREST community feedback meeting

You are invited to attend the first… KAPITI FOOD FOREST community feedback meeting.

WHEN: 7:30pm Monday 7th December WHERE: Paraparaumu Community Centre (next to library off Rimu road)

Food is such an incredibly important issue for everybody. We need to start reconnecting as a community with where our food comes from, learning how to grow […]

TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes October 25th 2009


TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes October 11, 2009


Submission on Kapiti Expressways Proposal.

We completely oppose the construction of new expressways because we believe the price of oil is going to be on an upward trend from now on (probably with large spikes and falls due to factors like a deep global recession and increased speculation).We believe there should be an upgraded rail system. Money available for roading […]

TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes September 27, 2009

Latest meetings are now online


Money makes the world go round…or does it?

Transition Towns Kapiti invites you to an informative Documentary Film Evening. We will be showing “Money as Debt” Why banks have so much money and everybody else has so much debt? A 47-minute animated presentation of “Money as Debt” tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is […]

TTK Community Food forest Steering Meeting 28th June 2009

Present Sharon Dan Andrew RK Sam Richard Willie Anna Andrew Hall Cree Jim

Apologies Pam

1. Possible visits to local property and forests.

Re: David Scott & QE Park designated a couple of people go and see

There are no real examples for us to see, only partial and related results. Bena to investigate and […]

Raumati Station Website Launch & Local Rumblings.

We visited Valhalla in Raumati South today and 4 local councillors Lyndy, David, Scott and Sandra, Regional Councillor Nigel and local labour member Winnie Labon. Surely a local railway station http://www.raumatistation.com/ is much more sustainable for the large amounts of Raumati residents who have to travel to Paraparaumu railway station. There was a great community […]

TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes 14th June 2009

Present Richard Anna Andrew Sharon Sam Bena Dan Willie Pam Isabel

Leadership fine with rotating organisation. Andrew to be key point of contact for the moment.

Other Stuff of interest David scott’s invitation to go to native forest tour passed over and carried to next meeting. Meeting in regards to Lindale (Andrew and Willie attended) […]

Community Food Forest – First meeting 7th June 2pm Paraparaumu Community hall.

Roll over Community Gardens – Here comes TTK Community Food Forest


After an inspiring night watching the very entertaining and informative Geoff Lawton’s Establishing a Food Forest Documentary and a enthusiastic discussion afterwards, Andrew come up with a fantastic idea, instead […]

The end of civilised life as we know it!

Transition Towns Kapiti invites you to an informative Documentary. We will be showing

End of Suburbia

Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the Western Dream

Suburbia, and all it promises, has become the Western Dream. But as we enter the 21st century, serious questions are beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way […]

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