Transition Town Sites

Transition Towns in NZ
Transition Towns in the UK
TT Hutt City Wiki
Transition Towns Otaki
New Zealand Transition Towns Google Group
Transition Culture
Transition Towns Handbook
Dynamic Cities Project

Skills Share

Just for the love of it – Skill sharing website


Peak Oil, Carrying Capacity and Overshoot: Population, the Elephant in the Room
Richard Heinberg’s Website
Wolf at the Door – A beginner’s guide to Peak Oil
The Oil Drum
ASPO peak oil presentations

Building & Housing

Small house society


Sustainability – Government Initiative
Sustainable Living

Food, Gardening & Permaculture

Permaculture Design Course in the Horowhenua
Biodynamic Farming Association – Organic Gardneing

Organic Pathways
Koanga Gardens
Permaculture in NZ

Health & Wellbeing

Cosmetic database

Business & Livelihood

Living Economies


Kapiti Cycling Incorporated
Re-Cycled Bike trailer

The Environment

Kapiti Coast Freecycle
The breathing earth


Celsius – People making Small Changes
Be the Change

Food Forests

The bible for temperate forest gardening:

Nice introduction to forest gardens by Mother Earth News:

A more thorough introduction to forest gardening:

An excerpt from the book the above information was adapted from, but with a nice table of example plants and additional information:

Wikipedia on forest gardening:

Agroforestry Research Trust in England:

Plants for a Future database, an incredible, highly detailed, massive database of useful plants for forest gardens around the world:

North American Native Plant Society:

Another great site from