Seedy Sunday Exchange

I’ve been asked for a bit more information regarding the ‘swap’ part of Seedy Sunday. As this is our first meeting, we’re going to give this a bit more structure until we can talk as a group about what we would like to see happen here.

So the plan so far for April 19 is, we’ll be showing a 20 min video on Square foot gardening.

When people come in they can ‘check-in’ items that they wish to swap, receiving tokens in return. There will be two people sorting what is brought in into divisions and deciding on the amount of tokens to be given in exchange. Please bear with us on this one, it will be a bit of an experiment. Amounts will be generalised and we ask that you show some patience, remembering the spirit of sharing with which this has been set up. We will be reviewing how this went after the event and ironing out any creases that might have occurred. To get the exchange underway, I have suggested a limit of 10 items, so that there is a good variety and no one feels indebted by the exchange. Hopefully this will be increased as the meetings get rolling. After everything has been checked in the swap table will be open for swapping.

Suggestions for a ‘token’ would be a packet of seeds (see more info below), a head of lettuce, a potted vege seedling, a potted herb cutting, a bunch of fresh herbs, etc.

We ask that everything is labelled, if possible with Genus Species Common Cultivar Organic In the case of seed a Description and Grower name would be useful.

Packets of left over seed are acceptable if they are still in their ‘best before’ period, and contain a reasonable quantity of seed.

Any left over produce and plants will be donated to the Kapiti Food Bank.

Any left over seed will be kept for the next meeting.

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