Next meeting of Transition Towns Waikanae

When: 7.30pm, 25 March
Where: Rick’s place, Riverfield
Address:  69 Ngatiawa Road, Reikorangi

The Venue, as stated above, is Riverfield on the corner of Ngatiawa and Mangaone South Roads, Reikorangi, East of Waikane towards the Tararuas.

To get there :

At the Northern traffic lights at Waikanae, turn East across the railway lines into Elizabeth St.
Follow this road, which becomes Reikorangi Road.  About 4.5 km into the valley from the railway lines, there is a major fork/junction just in front of St Andrews Anglican church. Turn left into Ngatiawa Rd at this junction,   At this point you have 700 metres to get to my house. Go past the Reikorangi Pottery and Cafe, past the “45km/h wiggle” and proceed to the next junction jut 200 metres ahead, where Mangaone South Road turns to the left from the road you are now on ( Ngatiawa Rd ). Just before you reach this junction turn left into my driveway at 69 Ngatiawa Rd.
The entrance has prominent white steel gates, with a “Riverfield” sing on the gate, and a driveway lines with Silver Birch Trees.  The house is very large and white.  Do NOT go to the little white house at 65 Ngatiawa Rd, next door.  Note that these numbers are Rapid Rural numbers with 69 meaning the entrance is 690 metres from the previous junction.

Alternatively, Here is a Yellow Pages map about how to find me :

When you come to the front door, which will be lit up, please knock the door knock hard, as we will be at the other wing of the H – shaped house.  If you still do not get a response, honk the horn of your car.  NB : Your cellphone will NOT work once you are more than about 2 km into the valley. Please bring extra warm clothes in case we have a cold night- it gets much colder here after sunset than elsewhere. We could start a woodfire if it is really cold.

The Venue is Riverfield on the corner of Ngatiawa and Mangaone South Roads, Reikorangi, East of Waikanae towards the Tararuas – here is an aerial photo :

Kind Regards, Rick Swan ( 293-8813 ).

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