TT Waikanae – Community Gardening Session

Hi all,

For those who like a bit of gardening, we thought we’d have a session at the community garden at 26 Greenaway Rd, this coming Monday 9th March. Come any time between 6:30 and 8:30pm. There’ll be some cleaning up of the pumpkin patch, harvesting, preparing growing beds and planting winter crops or green crops – perhaps even time for a cuppa.

See you round,

Paul 2935831

1 comment to TT Waikanae – Community Gardening Session

  • Margaret Irvine

    Good morning,
    We have had an enquiry from a lady who is offering material to the Community Garden to mulch.
    Do you have a contact number I can pass on to her to call. She does not have access to email.
    many thanks, Margaret Irvine (reporter)

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