TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes October 25th 2009

 Andrew, Dan, Bena, Sharon, Anna, Pam

Apologies; Sharon, Isabel, Richard

1. Site Assessments (Gary and Emily Williams)

Mazengarb Site Good aspect and possible integration in working in with the wetland mitigation project.  Good ‘edges’ and contours allowing for variation in varieties.  Prefer the open ground directly next to the car park (rather than the narrower riparian stretch along the stream), which may flood but also large trees would shade housing as on North side.  An overall concept plan defining stages would be best with details only gone into at the start of each stage (this would also limit costs and make sure we don’t bite of more than we can chew initially).

Milne Drive Site Also a good site from a community perspective (good foot traffic) but South aspect a negative.  Flooding occurs on the lower strip.  The rise and ‘edge’ to the higher levels have good planting possibilities.  Could mulch over summer to suppress weeds.  Plant tree lucern (check varieties) and fruit and Nut trees in Autumn / Winter.  Concerns over possible airport roading (Anna to investigate).  Probably more of an over all leaning towards this site from the group, because of its manageable size and central location.

2. Remuneration for Gary and Emily Remuneration would be necessary, with the possibility of TTK stepping in and providing finical support (to be discussed by TTK).  Gary and Emily are less busy in Dec and March (two possible times for a FF workshop, to guide us through the design process of a FF for our chosen site).

3.  Feedback on Community Board Meeting. Ann, Richard, Isabel and Bena attended the Paraparaumu and Rauamati Community Board meeting on 19th Oct 09 to support the Community Gardens Policy.  Bena spoke in support of the policy and also the Jeep Road group’s proposal for a Community Gardens in Jeep Road.  A background document on Food Forests (written by Anna) was handed out to the councilors and a brief overview of what we are doing as Community project establishing a FF here on the coast.

4. Permaculture DVD’s Dan to get receipt to TTK (Andrew) to be reimbursed.  Anna took one of the Geoff Lawton DVD’s to present to Jenny Roan when she has a meeting with the Mayor.

5. Site Visits to Danyverk FF  Postponed for now.  People to individually visit.  Emily Williams to give her feedback once visited to let us know if she thinks the FF will be instructive.

6.  Action Plans

Richard: other possible Riparian sites?

Pam: Contact NZTA to make them aware of what we are doing and the possibility of working together (as per Gary Williams suggestion).

Bena: Council meeting (see above) to relay our site assessment outcomes

Anna: Contact airport people to suss out possible airport road through Milne Drive site?

Next Food Forest Meeting: Sunday 8th November 2.30pm Andrew’s Place


1. Outcome of Council meeting regarding the two sites…

2. Where to from here?  Project Plan and Details i.e. timeline…

3. Dec or March FF workshop with Gary and Emily?

4. TTK financial support for mentoring and plants / costs?

5. Food Fair 5th Dec

6. Other Matters…

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