Notes from Louise’s October herb talk in Reikorangi

Thanks to all those who attended the herb talk at my place on 17th oct Sat morning with the rain making it more of an inside herb talk than garden tour!

I was so pleased to see so many turn up however being lots more than expected we ran out of notes. Hopefully they are attached to this link if the computer fairies are on my side.

To answer a question that was put forward re: anti-inflammatory herbs. There are a great number of very effective herbs to deal with inflammation however they vary according to where the inflammation is e.g There are specific herbs for organs,   muscles, digestive system etc…. and of course the reasons for inflammation are so many and need to be addressed along with any treatment plan plus a deficiency of vitamins and minerals can also contribute. So there is no one simple answer.

I plan to have another talk around February next year when we will discuss a different range of weeds and herbs and by then we may have a good example of Self Heal. I will have a limit of 16 people on this next one so it can be more personal and everyone will get to see and ask questions , plus I will have enough notes.

A special thanks to Nanette Wright for her knowledge and wisdom.

Thanks again it was a good learning experience for me and hopefully you all learnt something too.

Cheers Louise

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