TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes September 27, 2009

Latest meetings are now online

Present; Dan, Bena, Sharon, Anna, Richard, Andrew, Willy

Apologies; Isabel, Pam

1. Report Back on Meeting with KCDC Lex Bartlett (see attached feedback email at the end of minutes) Good overall meeting. No obvious council land available. Lex suggested Riparian waterways and Dan suggested Park fringes, which maybe a way to get started/planting and gain some credibility – everyone generally agreed this would be a good idea (Bena to go to council and discuss/explore Riparian). Willy to follow up Peter Daniel’s on suggested council land. Bena to follow up Lex to send us updated Community Gardens policy. Airport, Swimming Pool and land designated Town Community Centre, all have potential, but as legal status for these are up in the air it’s hard to explore these further at this stage. Sharon to follow-up QE11 contact at Wellington regional Council about council reserve? Bena to follow-up Emily Fawcett and as contact for Whareroa (note whareroa is a ‘guardians’ status – not owned (DOC does).

2. Report Back on Proposal Replies and Credibility Lex Bartlet approach indicated we are considered ‘small fry’ and should team up with Waikanae Community Gardens and Rauamati South Community Gardens. It was felt that while we should be in contact with these two groups and ‘cross pollinate’ ideas, we prefer to be seen as a separate identity, after all the Community Gardens Policy allows for the council to deal with various groups without having to have one ‘face’. We do however need credibility – to be achieved various ways i.e., meeting with Mayor and having Jenny’s backing (note meeting with Mayor on hold until roading issues are not taking up so much of her time), doing the do, experts support ie Kath Irvine and permaculturists Gary and Emily Williams. It was felt generally that the email response to our request for support was great. Felt many people are very supportive but email not a good medium to gain it. We need to secure land specific and clarify exactly what we are doing before garnering ‘membership’ support (prob with public meeting). TTK evenings may also be appropriate to get support.

3. Skills Report – Sharon Doing a great job and will finish this up shortly.

4. Report back on tasks from last meeting. Rates department, Willy talked with Peter Daniel (see above). Airport (Anna yet to do). Riparian (Bena will do). QE11 (Sharon to follow-up contact) Tramway land (Anna to explore). Operation Green Thumb (Anna to look at for practical aspects of setting up community gardens). Hospital (Pam). Churches (Richard).

5. Website updates, Minutes, Reporting Back. Anna needs help! Aware not many people can do but good to do as keeps a record of progress and keeps people interested i.e. such things posted as minutes, site visits, photos, write own stories, articles on food forests, website links. Pam has volunteered to be an editor also. Sharon would also like to back does not have compute access. Bena happy to do minutes and agenda. Facilitator of meeting is the house host of that meeting (will try this for now).

6. Site Visits Judith in Otaihanga is wishing to set up a food forest (Anna to organize a visit). Alisha in Danniverk has a one year old Food Forest (Bena to organize visit). Wendy in Foxton has a very productive urban garden (Bena to organize visit).

7. Community Grant Money Approx $30K available from council – need to be a charitable trust (though can register later). Keep an eye out for next time…

8. Email from Pam / Tutor friend Received an email from Pam expressing a possibility of a friend / tutor doing a project with her students on food forests. Great idea! We support in principal and Anna (with Sharon’s support) to email back to discuss further….

9. Important Dates

8th Oct – Environment and Community Development Committee (Can we attend? – Bena)

19th Oct – Community Gardens Policy goes to Raumati Board (Paraparaumu Board meeting? – Bena)

1st Nov – Combined  Soil and Health and Tree Crop Assoc meet.

1st Nov – Colin Walker speaking.

4th Nov? – Permaculture Course at Environment Centre, Inglewood, Taranaki.

10. Action Plan;

Sharon: Complete Skills, respond to Pam re Tutor’s proposed FF course, QE11 contact

Anna: Tramways contact, Operation Green Thumb, Airport land? Judith Site visit

Pam: Contact Jennifer Hudson to ask about grafting workshop. Hospital land possibility, reply to tutor regarding FF course.

Bena: Go to Council regarding Riparian land possibility, Meeting minutes, Agenda, Dannyverk and Foxton site visits, Followup Lex for updated Community Graden’s policy. EandCDC – can we attend?, Paraparaumu Community board meeting when? Emily Fawcett followup.

Andrew: Legal structure of TTK?

Dan: Possible legal structure for FF group and land…

Richard: Church land?

Willy: Follow-up Peter Daniel’s Council land?

Next meeting: Bena and Dan’s 11th Oct at 2.30pm – 4pm Dean Scott – eco sourced seed planting ‘workshop’.

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