TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes September 13, 2009

KCDC’s Community Garden Policy is doing the rounds at Community Board meetings the moment after being heard by the Environment & Community Development Committee.  The first general document about our intentions is out and we are seeking feedback. Now we really need to start nutting out some of our ideas.

Meeting: September 13, 2009

Present: Pam, Sharon, Isabel, Willie, Anna  Apologies: Andrew, Richard, Dan, Bena

Community Gardens Policy

General discussion around the policy, how we fit into it and how to move forward. Need to find out more about the area, what is possible and get support.  We need to do research into our options:

– Rates department to see what is council land – Willie

– Investigate airport possibilities – Anna

– Riparian zones

– Talk to Greater Wellington Regional Council – Sharon

– DOC & Whareroa – Sharon

– Tramway Museum lead – Anna

– Auckland regional examples – Isabel

– Operation Green Thumb – Anna’s contact

– Local purpose reserves

– Hospital area – Pam

– Church – Richard

Anna suggested taking over a small area of land and start tending it – weed eradication, soil improvement, planting. Good way to show that we aren’t all talk, build credibility and gain experience.

Next meeting need to plan CGP input after talking to other team members.


Sharon is making some gorgeous cards as thank yous. Anna to talk to Judith about visit.

Food Forest Proposal

Need to send a reminder to everyone to email us back. Anna will put it up on the website. Everyone should be encouraging friends to read and reply.

Lot more work to do

The team really needs to clarify thinking around what it wants to do and how things will work, both organisationally and in the actual project. We need to get our heads around some of the practical considerations and it would be good to use the Council application requirements as a framework for thinking.

Sharon has prepared a list of all the aspects that KCDC will require information on when an application is submitted under the community gardens policy. The idea is that we will each pick a few to start researching/ investigation / coming up with ideas on. Then, over the next couple of meetings, that person will take the lead on the discussion around their topic and write it up based on the group’s decisions.

Need to find other examples of gardens and investigate more closely

– Dan & Bena’s London Park

– Wellington CGs – Operation Green Thumb


List of Kapiti Parks and Reserves

Next meeting: 27 September, 3pm – Anna & Richard’s

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