TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes July 26, 2009

Dan, Bena, Sharon, Andrew, Isabel, Pam, Anna, Richard

1. Food Forest Proposal
Coming along nicely. Some moving around and changes to be done. Anna to send attached Doc to everyone for feedback. Prepare to send to community for support and then ready to take to council.

2. Developing a Timeline
Bena has prepared outline. Lots of discussion around scope – we need to keep it generalised. More about sequence and to do lists than hard and fast targets. To work on in next meeting – Sharon will bring post-its.

3. Site Visits
Two visits – Wendy and Jennifer, both really instructive. Anna to put together notes & photos. Big lesson in food protection from pests/birds.
What’s the best way to record and share these experiences? Video, photos, notes.
Bena to visit QEII Park with ranger.

4. Legals
Isabel has been investigating QEII covenants – could fit under this in cultural angle (?). Dan is to make friends with a conveyancing lawyer. Sharon to look at gazetting a reserve.
Clear that we need to talk to council soon. Check where we might fit under the LTCCP. Get a date to meet the mayor.

…1.2 Proposal
Andrew to work with Anna & Richard to get it altogether – send out before next meeting. To send out to community to get support – ask whether they support it and how they can help. Anna to do executive summary. Pam to draft questions for public. Make personal contacts to encourage responses.

5. Skill-mapping

Need to identify team strengthes and weaknesses – Sharon to put something together for it.

6. Permaculture course

Bena to go back to Gary and Emily about doing a site-specific permaculture course once we have land.

Next meeting to be at Isabel’s. Date to be confirmed.

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