TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting July 12, 2009


Andrew, Sharon, Anna, Isabel, Pam, Bena, Richard, Dan


Sam – has too many commitments so pulling out at this stage.


  1. Proposal
  2. Time Frames
  3. Land
  4. Site Visits Report
  5. Permaculture Course
  6. Resources
  7. Pam’s Site
  8. Legal’s
  9. General Discussion
  10. Action Plan

1. Proposal

  • Fantastic job Anna and Richard!
  • Brings everyone’s ideas together well – difficult task
  • Anna pointed out its intended as a general doc that can be edited and expanded as required
  • Everyone please read and review, give ‘dissected’ feedback
  • A & R will continue to work on and get it ready for approaching council/mayor for funding and land…

2. Time Frames

  • We need to work backwards
  • Time frames will be influenced by when we can acquire land i.e. get now, can plant winter 2010, if takes 6 months cant plant till 2011
  • Time line really important and illustrates where we need to prioritize our energies i.e. proposal to get land.
  • Peter Daniel’s trees can be ‘healed in’, but only need 2-3 of one variety.

3. Land

  • Behind council too flat / wet
  • Need to get our boots on the land
  • Decide what type of land we need (see below)
  • Opposite  PnS is designated ’town centre land’, would we come under this banner?
  • Western Link road verge a possibility
  • Verge of parks might be a way to get started
  • What do we want in land?
    • Sunny / North facing
    • Water consideration
    • 1000-2000sqm (1 acre total for out buildings)
    • Must suit open woodland density
    • Demonstrate various guilds and polycultures
    • Accessible
  • Advance our cause before we get to specific on our land wants
  • Once we have land then bring in the experts

4. Site Visits

  • Bena researching and no exact food forest found!
  • Number of good permaculture examples locally
  • Two sites already undertaken and attended by Bena, Dan, Andrew; Gary and Emily outside Otaki, Trevor and Nanette in Te Horo
  • Both sites very instructive and owners helpful, both worth second visits in spring / summer for wide FF group
  • T&N are self sufficient and have unusual/ multiuse varieties i.e. bamboo shoots for eating/stakes, cranberry hedge for windbreak and berries eating
  • Otaki contact a site visit possibility, Andrew to get to Bena
  • Bena to continue site visit research and open up visits to wider group next time.

5. Permaculture Course

  • Two options;
    • Weekend course focused on food forest
    • PDC course running for 72 hours (either modules of one day a month for 12 months, 2 week intensive, or aprox 40 week course an evening a week), with a few modules focused on FF
  • Agree most useful if once we have site Gary and Emily instruct and mentor us on designing a food forest for our site specific (would we need wider permaculture knowledge to do this though?)
  • Weekend module on a person’s individual property so can assess and learn different soil types etc
  • Once we have land then we can give Gary and Emily a time frame for course…

6. Resources

  • Anna has created a great google doc available to FF steering group
  • Need people’s permission
  • People to add any DVD’s and resources and perhaps purchase
  • Permaculture book recommended by Gary and Emily “Rosemary Morrow”
  • Transition Towns handbook good

7. Pam’s Site

  • Using Kay Baxter’s book and model of orchard with herbal underlay
  • Steering group to visit Pam’s site to assess and design FF if she would like.
  • Working bee at Pam’s perhaps – good team building
  • Sharon to doc wb
  • Pam to get back to us on time to visit

8. Legals

  • Put out feelers for legal structures
  • Might be someone in TTK
  • Sharon to talk to contact re: QE11 Trust
  • Isabel will explore further with Public Trust
  • We want FF on land in perpetuity, can achieve this two ways;
    • Someone donates land and put in QE11 covenant
    • Council land in perpetuity

9. General

  • Bena gave handout of TT handbook ‘processes a project goes through’ – food for thought
  • Team exercises help define the roles i.e. leader, publicity
  • Bena and Anna to take turns with minutes
  • As we research our energy in establishing the food forest will ‘spill out’ into the community
  • Permablitz weekend FF working bees at peoples places
  • If we do this can start now and not be held back if cant acquire land immediately
  • Sharon to carry out a ‘skills’ exercise with us all at some point.

10. Action Plan

All – Provide Anna and Richard useful feedback for proposal

Dan – Facilitate next meeting.  Organize proposed agenda for next meeting

Andrew – Email Otaki contact to Bena

Bena – Email through possible time line, continue site visits research, type up minutes, Gary and Emily feed back on course, read FF manual

Isabel – Research Trusts and legals

Pam – Let steering group know of time for visit to her site

Anna – Continue proposal, seed bank, buy / catalogue resources for group

Richard – Continue proposal, read and pull out pertinent info for group
Next Meeting; @ Pam’s Sunday26th July 2-4pm

Well Done All!

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