TTK Community Food Forest Steering Meeting Minutes 14th June 2009


fine with rotating organisation. Andrew to be key point of contact for the moment.

Other Stuff of interest
David scott’s invitation to go to native forest tour passed over and carried to next meeting.
Meeting in regards to Lindale (Andrew and Willie attended)
Gossip about council providing land is positive. Sam established Key people within council

Purpose Brainstorming (Key ideas)

  • Self sustainable forever
  • Keeping land in perpetuity forever
  • Maximum work at beginning yet minimum but continuul input overtime for harvest and caretaking
  • Maintained food forest Garden
  • Knowledge for our own backyards
  • Information Support
  • Inspiration for Groundswell of more Food Forests – A model of how we did it.
  • Plant & Tree types Safe and/or experimental¬† (perhaps 80:20 mix)
  • personal resource gain
  • Document the process and Principles – Stories of how we did it whilst we’re doing it.
  • Action Focused Planning
  • Living Seed¬† Bank & Propagation Centre
  • Shared Greenhouse Resource
  • Location. Location. Location.
  • Becoming Experts.
  • Community Focused Project – working together not only to garden but to promote community.
  • Large scale community garden = Community Food Forest.
  • There is no Template on previous Examples
  • Emphasis on Practical part of Project

Tasks (actions going forward)

Researching Examples
Pooling contacts of Expert groups, individuals etc.
Prioritising and adding to above purposes
Coming up with Mission Statements individually.
Next Meeting @ Dan + Bena’s 28th June 2pm (need to supply address)

Overall Outcomes
Generation of purposes and mission statement. Working towards a Prospectus to approach for funding and Land resource donations.

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