Community Food Forest – First meeting!

Transition Towns Kapiti invites you to a Brainstorming on Establishing a  Food Forest.

This Sunday the 7th June, 2-4pm.

Roll over Community Gardens – Here comes TTK Community Food Forest

After an inspiring night watching the very entertaining and informative Geoff Lawton’s Establishing a Food Forest Documentary and a enthusiastic  discussion afterwards, Andrew come up with a fantastic idea, instead of having a community garden, having a Community Food Forest. His reasoning was that because people on the coast have their own land for vegie gardens etc not many people have the available land for zone 4/5 permaculture ie. a food forest, a large biodiverse and resilient forests of food. We’re gonna hold an open forum, brainstorming about how to plan and run the initial stages; Sunday 7th at Paraparumu Memorial Hall. We got a whole lot (20ish so far) of people signed up to form the project group if anyone wants to join the mailing list for the TTK community Food Forest group, .

Community Food Forest – Planning first meeting.

Agenda/schedule for first meeting,

1. Introductions
2. Brainstorming
3. Collect Ideas
4. Define Actions
5. Ask for commitments
6. Decide on next meeting and/or action

Suggestions/ideas for steering brainstorming

* Structure and function of group, project co-ordination.
* Technical know how – legal…For example Land needs to be held in perpetuity as it is a long term project.
Does this need a trust?
* Technical know how – botannical… experts, books internet pages, groups and organisation
* Resource – Land Size and availability (how big can we get, how big is available?), flat land, sloping land etc.
* Resource – Seeds, seedlings, straw, first mulch,  greenhouse facilities to cultivate seeds and seedlings.
* Security of food forest , so it doesn’t get vandalized.
* Funding/Donation – can we get funding/donations of resources from government(local or national),
appropriate groups, trusts,  organisations or businesses.

At the end of the session we want to be able to document the ideas into a working draft plan.

When:   Sunday 7th June 2009, 2-4pm
Where:  Paraparaumu Memorial Hall, Supper Room, Corner of Aorangi Rd & Tutanekai St, (opposite the RSA).
Entry:    Koha (to cover hall costs).

If you can’t make this session, but still want to be involved please reply to this email and ask to be put on the Food Fore

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