Community Food Forest – Planning first meeting.

Planning for leadup to first meeting,

Set a date, perhaps 31st May or 7th June  Sunday 1pm onwards.

Email to those interested from ttk mailing list, with a synopsis.

Agenda/schedule for first meeting,

  1. Introduction
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Collect Ideas
  4. Define Actions
  5. Ask for commitments
  6. Decide on next meeting and/or action

Suggestions for steering brainstorming

  • Structure and function of group, project co-ordination.
  • Technical know how – legal…For example Land needs to be held in perpetuity as it is a long term project. Does this need a trust?
  • Technical know how – botannical… experts, books internet pages, groups and organisation
  • Resource – Land Size and availability (how big can we get, how big is available?), flat land, sloping land etc.
  • Resource – Seeds, seedlings, straw, first mulch,  greenhouse facilities to cultivate seeds and seedlings.
  • Security of food forest , so it doesn’t get vandalized.
  • Funding/Donation – can we get funding/donations of resources from government(local or national), appropriate groups, trusts,  organisations or businesses.

At the end of the session we want to be able to document of ideas into a working draft plan.

please email me or Andrew if you want in on the mailing list.

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