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TTPA Poster RED smlDear friend of Aotearoa,

Regarding the Trans-Pacific-Partnership-Agreement (TPPA),
Thank you for your attention to this petition (Download pdf here). The Petition pdf is also in this link with explanation:

This is one of several tactical steps to stop the TPPA being signed in February 2016. Simply put, the Government is not listening to the people and is bulldozing ahead, without mandate.

The grounds on which there is no mandate to sign the TPPA include:

  • Significant public objection, including protests of ~25,000 people and professional bodies expressing serious concern. Twelve councils throughout New Zealand have adopted the TPPA 12- point resolution plan. This represents about 60% of New Zealand’s population.
  • The unprecedented scale in which the TPPA impacts our democracy. It is the longest surrender document in our history. The (then) Trade Minister Tim Groser, has said himself that “trade agreements involve concessions over the sovereign rights of countries”.
  • The Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement provisions undermine our nation’s own justice systems
  • The TPPA text was kept secret during the last election
  • In practice successive Governments may not feasibly be able to reverse the TPPA

It is time to appeal to a higher authority in order to uphold our democracy.

Our Governor General is the appointed guardian of our representative democracy. His reserve powers include refusing assent to legislation. We are calling on his Excellency to protect our democracy. We request that he insists the Government obtain a democratic mandate to enter in to the TPPA treaty. This should be in the form of a binding referendum. These powers are reserved for the most extreme situations and no New Zealand Governor-General has ever previously needed to use them.

Now is the time for the people of New Zealand to ask that he exercise this power.

We are approaching the Governor General in the form of a petition, including citizens of high standing, in order to increase the impact of our point: that this is an extreme situation.
Please would you sign this petition and post it as soon as possible. Ensuring that you act on this does make a real difference to the potential outcome of stopping the TPPA.
Note that we are not concerned too much about the volume of signatures per se, although other signatures would be a bonus. There are no set rules regarding this petition as there is for Parliament. This is a paper only petition. One signature on the page – yours – is perfect.

The attached information, plus updated information is available for download at

Please note the instructions and material on page 2 of the petition. This is a paper petition and we request you download and print both page 1 and 2, double sided on the one sheet of A4 paper. Set your printer to ‘landscape’ before printing, and for manual double sided printing select ‘flip on short edge.’

Thank you very much in anticipation for taking action on this. Please feel free to contact us if you wish.

Kind Regards
Amanda Vickers (Kapiti TPPA Concern) 027 237 0008

Greg Rzesniowiecki TPP Action
mobile 02102431632

Antony Maddock
TPP FREE Wgtn/Hutt Valley
0274 368 083

Petition of the People of Aotearoa (pdf)

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