March for the climate, march for the future – Civic Square, 1pm, Saturday 28 November

Flier-A6-Wellington-(1)-1Hi TTK people

Please consider coming to the Peoples Climate March on Saturday the 28th of November.

I am planning on going, and Jake Roos has written a great email (below) encouraging us to take action.

Also there is a good article on the Guardian website by Owen Jones, titled
Melting glacier? Yawn. Climate change is boring, worthy – and terrifying

read it at

This article talks about the common challenge we all face, most of us know Climate change is the biggest problem humanity faces, but we have been hearing about it for so long now that we have stopped paying attention.
BUT with everyone not paying attention, we are all getting to the point of no return, (Some say we have already long passed it) where the future for us and our children is gravely threatened.
Many people think that the Paris talks could be the last opportunity for the world’s governments to meet and make the right choice to help protect our future, so to encourage our government to take climate change seriously please consider going to the Peoples Climate March on Saturday the 28th of November.

See the the Peoples climate march website and read the email below.

Hi all,

I’m writing to you as a neighbour, and as someone who has spent his adult life learning about and trying to do something about climate change, professionally and personally. In short, we’re all in big trouble and it scares the heck out of me.

The world is on course to warm up by over 4 deg C by the end of the century, far beyond anything in human experience, in all likelihood unleashing famine, war, mass migration and other disasters on a scale never before seen. For the sake of ourselves, our children and people everywhere, this can’t be allowed to happen. Already the world has warmed 1 degC since pre-industrial times due to human activities and scientists are finding links from this to various calamities around the world, including in NZ.

The main driver of climate change is human’s use of fossil fuels. We can’t give them up overnight, but we must give them up soon, and it’s only our governments, working together, that can set our societies on a course to do this before time runs out. That’s why the UN climate conference in Paris starting on 28 November is so important.

And that’s why my family are going on this march – to help send a message to our leaders that we expect them to do what needs to be done to protect our shared home and safeguard our futures. This is one climate march of thousands going on around the world.

Please consider going too – because as the saying goes ‘to change everything, we need everyone’. If you are, please let me know and maybe we can meet up there.

Please forward this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Thanks for your time.
Best regards,
Jake Roos


Click to download PDF of Climate March flyer

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