The Long Walk Home

A Lions Club of Kapiti Project

This is a walk from Wellington to Kapiti to heighten awareness of the need for disaster recovery planning.


Emergency disaster planners predict the possibility of a major incident, which will affect the Wellington region resulting in serious damage to infrastructure. Recovery may be slow and people must be prepared to take care of themselves for several days or longer. Of particular concern are the thousands of Johnsonville, Tawa, Porirua, Mana and Kapiti residents who commute to Wellington daily and damage to roads is likely to mean the only way home from Wellington for them will be on foot. This project will provide up to 150 commuters with the opportunity of testing their equipment and ability to complete the walk. Along the route various Lions Clubs will provide food and drink stations. While it is well understood that in a real disaster a direct route via damaged roads even on foot may be difficult, this exercise will at least give an indication of the reality of such a journey.


1. To heighten awareness of the need for workers in Wellington of the necessity to have to walk 50+km home, following a major disaster.

2. To provide an opportunity for workers to experience for themselves, the reality of such a walk

3. To better understand and test what emergency equipment would be needed to facilitate the journey.

4. To reach a wide audience through media coverage of the event to encourage better personal disaster planning.


The walk will commence at Wellington Railway Station on Saturday 1st November at and finish at Ngatitoa domain.

Phase 1 Day 1     The walk will commence at 08:30 from Wellington Railway Station on Saturday 1st November and finish at Ngatitoa domain..

Phase 2 Day 2    The walk will re-commence at Ngatitoa Domain on Sunday 2nd of November and finish at Marine Gardens Raumati Beach.

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