Guy McPherson in Wellington 24 -25 October, 2014

Public lectures by Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson


“Abrupt Climate Change: Evidence and Options for the Future to Preserve a Living Planet.”


When: Friday, 24 October, 7.30 pm
Where: Dowse Art Gallery, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt 5010


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Climate change is not something that we need only worry about in the future.

Abrupt climate change is a reality. The atmosphere has already reached 400 ppm, something we haven’t seen for 800,000 years. We have already triggered many positive self-reinforcing feedbacks including most worryingly, the release of methane clathrates which accelerate warming many times.

Rapid warming of the planet threatens the habitat of the living planet and the future existance of species that are unable to adapt to the rapid change.

There is about a 40-year lag between carbon dioxide emissions and warming, suggesting abundant warming is already locked into the planetary system.

Guy McPherson, as a professor emeritus of conservation biology, will present the scientific evidence and draw conclusions which make a connection between the findings of climate change scientists and conservation biologists.

Abrupt Climate Change: An exploration of our options to preserve a Living Planet

– An afternoon presentation and informal discussion


When: Saturday, 25 October, 2014 2pm

Where: Tapu te Ranga Marae, (Whare Ukaipo), 44 Rhine Street, Island Bay, Wellington

We are putting aside a whole afternoon for a presentation by Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson and informal discussion in a marae setting.

Tapu te Ranga marae, set in the bush and hills of Island Bay, Wellington provides a unique venue for discussion of how we as individuals, and as society will live in light of abrupt climate change.

There will be a powhiri (welcome)at 2 pm that will be followed, after refreshments, by a presentation by Guy.

Following this, it is foreseen that plenty of time will be set aside for informal discussion and reflection – a chance to absorb and respond to the challenging and confronting information that Guy will present.

The marae will offer tea and refreshments so prior registration is necessary.

Cost is $10 plus koha (donation)

Contact: Robin Westenra and Pam Crisp
ph. 04 972 0284 or 021 258 5174

Guy McPherson is a professor emeritus of conservation biology who has left the Ivory Tower to communicate

with those who are willing to listen the challenges to the Living Planet presented by abrupt climate change,

energy decline, economic collapse as well as by the nuclear energy.

As a conservation biologist Guy is uniquely placed to make connections between climate science and the

prospects for the preservation of Habitat needed for maintenance of life on this planet.

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