TT Waikanae Community Garden Session

Hi all,

We’re having another gardening session at the Community Garden, 26 Greenaway Rd, Waikanae – 10am to noon this Saturday.

We’re basically just tidying up from the summer crops and putting the beds into winter crops.

All ages welcome. For those who haven’t been before, it’s a great time of learning and working with others – and mostly there’s some harvest to take away. The community garden session is one of the highlights of the week for me. I wouldn’t even class it as work!

Bring gloves and fork – there are a couple of forks there but if we have an influx we may run short.

We’ll also do a bit of map making and try to get more of a plan and schedule happening with the crops.

Bring some seeds also if you have them – chances are we’ll get to plant some.

Does anyone know of a supply of seaweed anywhere?

Paul for Transition Towns Waikanae

PS: Here’s a schedule of planting by the moon – according to

FIRST QUARTER Friday 1st  May
Plant compost/carbon crops for winter
Plant strawberry runners
Plant winter salad greens under microclima or cloches or cold frames
Transplant flowers for early spring flowering, heartsease, snap dragons, calendula larkspur, love in a mist, hollyhock
Feed all brassicas, celery, beetroot salad greens that need it while the soil is still warm and active
Feed citrus well now, manure, seaweed, rock phosphate, dolomite and mulch
Spray neem on apples for codlin and woolly aphid (if you have woolly aphid you’ll have to put neem onto the roots of the apples using a watering can as well as spraying the leaves because the bugs over winter and live in the roots re-infecting the tops), pears for pear slug and citrus for aphid and mealy bug if necessary

FULL MOON Saturday 9th  May
Foliar feed three days after full moon.
In warmer areas this is the last chance to sow carrots and beetroot before spring
Plant Garlic, Tree Onions, Shallots, Potato Onions
Plant strawberries if not already in
Make compost heaps with all the autumn weeds and material available  to be ready for your Spring garden
Mulch any vege beds not planted in compost crops to avoid a weed nightmare next Spring
If May continues warm and dry double dig any beds that need it for early spring crops and plant lupins only now.
Finish planting spring bulbs
Begin wrenching any trees for shifting this winter after the first rain, wrenching one side only this month
Check the bananas to see if any de-suckering is necessary. You should have at maximum only two suckers on each fruiting palm, a big one and a small one.

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