TPPA is opposed by most NZ people – Time to Act – Everyone, Everywhere

Dear friend of Aotearoa,

Regarding the Trans-Pacific-Partnership-Agreement (TPPA), Thank you for your attention to this petition (Download pdf here). The Petition pdf is also in this link with explanation:

This is one of several tactical steps to stop the TPPA being signed in February 2016. Simply put, the Government is not listening to the […]

TTP Meetings

Public Meetings TPPA 9th DEC Otak

Public Meetings TPPA 10th DEC Para

TPP public interest resolution KCDC with resources

Public Meeting on TPPA

The Transpacific Partnership Agreement which is being negotiated in secret between NZ, Australia, the US , and nine other countries has been described as one of the most important issues for these elections, and one of the biggest ever threats to our sovereignty and democracy.

You are invited to a public meeting to hear […]

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